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Tech Off!

the simple fast guide to getting your time back

If you’re a technology user, and you’re wondering how to take technology breaks, then this remarkable book by technology consciousness expert, Tim Moorey, reveals how you can get your time back.

This is a unique opportunity to have this PROVEN technology consciousness authority take you by the hand and:

  • Be in control
  • Improve your attention
  • Experience more choices

Most of what you need is strategy, instruction, and encouragement from someone who has “been there and done that!”

Get this book NOW and learn to TECH Off!

This #HypnoArtsBook format is a transcript of an interview, so it talks to you, not at you. This simple and unpadded format makes for an easy read, helps information retention and recall, and is almost Hypnotic in its effect.

It’s an easy read that we’re sure will engage, educate and empower you.

“A unique insight into our everyday obsession with technology and its growing pervasion into our lives and emotional wellbeing. Moorey shows us how to find and maintain the right tech/life balance through a series of simple, yet highly effective, ‘Tech Off’ techniques. From social media addiction, to the blurred lines between home life and career, this is a must-read for anyone who is caught up in the technology treadmill and can’t find the off button!”
Dr Dean Anthony Gratton – Technology Futurist and Columnist

“Tech off” made me very aware of the building pressures of the tech age  and how we can start making decisions so we can decide what is important and the best way to gain control of our lives optimising  “MY time”.   I was surprised that it included a picture of family and working life that I’m sure will resonate with many readers to bring home that we do have families and life is short – so let’s make sure we make the most of our lives and close family.

The challenge is to read this book and identify which page you appear on. The second challenge is then to decide if you want to run your life or let technology dictate yours.”
Michael Davies – Information Security & Data Protection Manager

“TechOff” offers a unique and interesting perspective into how every-day technology devices can be both an enabler and a hindrance.  By stepping through Tim’s own experiences, it becomes possible for the reader to relate their own experiences with Tim’s personal observations.  What becomes immediately clear in the first few chapters is that too much technology can provide sensory-overload and actually be more harmful than good.

Further into the book, a number of different strategies and ideas are presented to help the reader switch-off from “the hold” technology can have on people.  Whilst requiring some small tweaks to one’s lifestyle, the benefits gained from detachment of technology can also be realised.  This benefit is summed up by Tim himself saying “the less you’re distracted the more you’re focused”.

For a book written by such an experienced IT professional (I have worked on-and-off with Tim for over a decade), it’s definitely something that is easy to read, and understandable by a not so tech-savvy audience.”
Richard Thake – IT leader Open University, Toronto, Canada

The term ‘technology consciousness’ coined and clearly articulated within ‘TECH OFF’ is a fantastic one and there’s a very real chance that this could actually be the most useful and rewarding short book you will read all year. For those of us who are already asking similar questions, it provides affirmation that we are actually onto something here, whilst offering pragmatic steps for turning our concerns into positive change. For the many who have simply sleepwalked into a perpetual state of slavery to their own tech (often to the detriment of their personal as well as professional lives) it will offer some overdue suggestions that could be considered nothing short of downright radical in this ‘always on’ day and age.

This is not about any digital ‘luddite’ resistance to the rapidly evolving potential of technology however – it is about developing what will soon I am certain be be recognised as critical emotional intelligence survival skills. If you get one hour a day or even a week back as a result of reading this then that’s got to be worthwhile, right?
Angus Macrae – Information Security and Assurance


Meet Tim Moorey

Tech Off Tim Moorey get your time back #hypnoartsbooks #techoff

Connect with Tim

Tim Moorey is an expert in technology consciousness, whose accomplishments include an HNC in Technology Engineering, and being Microsoft certified, as well as being an experienced and certified Information System Security professional.

Outside of technology he is, an NLP Master Practitioner and Reiki Master Practitioner and a certified laughter yoga leader.

Tim started his career in Electronic Engineering designing and using tech and has since spent over 20 years in IT support, management and training, and he’s currently a leader in cyber security management.

A member of the institute of Information Security Professionals, he’s also a chartered member of the British Computer Society, a member of NLP trainers and practitioners and member of ISC2. I have no idea what that is, but it sounds secret.

Tim’s run laughter yoga workshops for South West employers, has facilitated mindfulness workshops for corporate employees, and is the published author of the Illustrated Happiness Guide.

Other than work Tim is a devoted husband and family man with two sons, four dogs and a rabbit. He used to ride a motorbike, he videos himself breaking drones, and he’s published meditation scripts on

He was once rescued from a terrorist held ship in the Solent. That’s the bit of water between Southampton and the Isle of Wight, and that story is an interesting one.

If you need, insight and encouragement from someone who’s been there and done that with getting your time back, then technology consciousness expert, Tim Moorey, is uniquely qualified to help you understand everything you need to know about taking technology breaks.

Get Your Copy of TECH OFF! – the simple fast guide to getting your time back. Today!

Order from your favourite bookshop or local Indie Bookstore:
ISBN: 9781999764142 hardcover / 9781999764159 paperback

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